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EP The French success was tempered a little by the fact that Lafol had failed a command test leaving the rest of the division static. The failure of Vathiez to activate allows the 1st Pomerania Landwehr to exit the battlefield unmolested. It would also be possible to connect all of the individual low-frequency tone speakers in parallel, in which case a higher current would flow through the voice coils, however. Objective We sought to assess changes in sensitization and total IgE levels in a cohort of European adults as they aged over a year period. Be Romantic Take a break and enjoy a short break or a romantic weekend with your partner in the special design ambience of our hotel! I may try and make the letter denoting the troop quality a little more conspicuous by using a bold font.


Fantastic as always. Great to see the Campaign up and running again. Cheers, Richard P. Great stuff Jon, followed you here from FB, really good seeing the battles laid out this way. It tweaked my interest as it resembles the 15mm battle my group has just completed, battle of Sankt Michael, French Corps vs Austrian Division. Thanks Stuart. I took a look at your blog and it looks like you had a fun game there. Austrians have been on my 'to do' list for some time now. Got to get my Peninsular War stuff out of the way first. If I get around to raising an Austrian army any time soon they will arrive in the campaign as reinforcements for the allies. Jon, you set a stunning game table and was quite pleased to see a thumbnail sketch of the War Plan maps show up on my blog. Seeing those maps, I knew the campaign had returned. I enjoyed your battle report and photos very much. I like your Bavarian looking church.


This application sngle a continuation of co-pending International Application No. EP The present invention relates to sound reproduction systems and singlr particular to loudspeakers having a high sound reproduction bandwidth. Interest in singgle loudspeaker technologies has seen a marked increase in the last 10 years.

Essentially, this is due to the increased space requirements of modern sound reproduction methods such as 5. Utilization of flat-panel loudspeakers rather than conventional loudspeakers is to meet said increased requirements.

Investigations made on various flat-panel speaker technologies, which typically are as old as the cone loudspeakers by Kellogg and Rice, have shown that both utilization of non-housed flat-panel speakers directly on the wall and utilization of a flat loudspeaker housing entail considerable losses of sonic quality.

Conventional technology may be found in Beer, D. Azima, J. Audio Amateure Berliner singles erfahrungen, Peterborough, N.

A non-housed flat-panel speaker typically is a dipole radiator having a low sound pressure level in the low-frequency tone range sintle to the acoustic short circuit. When such dingle dipole is installed near a wall, reflection and superposition of the rearward sound component with the portions of the sound that is emitted on the front side of the diaphragm, and diffraction effects associated therewith will lead to comb-filter-type sound coloration above the iserlohn singles frequency.

It is for this reason that for conventional loudspeakers, loudspeaker housings are used. Single manner erfurt, to sinfle the advantage of a flat design, one uses flat housings that typically enclose a relatively small air volume. Just like with conventional speakers, too small an air volume will raise the fundamental resonant frequency of the sound transducer.

Consequently, the lower cutoff frequency will also rise, which will result in reduced low-frequency tone reproduction. The system includes a support system having an open frame, several sub-woofers being accommodated in the erfuurt frame system in a manneer two-dimensional array configuration single manner erfurt as to provide controlled sound dispersion both in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The mannre are operable to provide low-frequency sound dispersion below about Hz. DE 07 T2 discloses a speaker device having controlled directional sensitivity and having a first set of at least three speakers arranged along a first straight line in accordance with a predetermined pattern, the distances from speaker to speaker being configured in a variable manner, and it singlr being possible for speakers to be arranged such that they are in contact with one another.

The frame neuss kostenlos singles mutually tilted segments to increase the angle of radiation. For example, the distance between the edges of the speakers is to be smaller than the radius of the speakers, all of the speakers being operated from one same source. In addition, no restriction regarding movement of air is to be achieved by a housing, since this would adversely affect the performance at low frequencies.

Four central transducers woofers cooperate to reproduce the ,anner and consider, dating app kostenlos windows phone authoritative frequencies, the woofers being positioned such that no two woofers share a common vertical axis or a common horizontal axis. In addition, a fifth transducer, specifically a high-frequency tweeter, is provided which erfuurt arranged at a central location in between the woofers.

According to another embodiment, a loudspeaker may have: a two-dimensional array consisting of non-housed individual speakers having flat shapes; a flat housing accommodating the individual speakers, the flat housing having a front wall, a rear wall, and a side wall, and the flat housing having a depth of less than 5 cm, or a diaphragm diameter of a non-housed individual speaker of the two-dimensional array being smaller than 5 cm, and rrfurt individual speakers being grouped into larger groups of individual speakers and smaller groups sungle one or more preise partnervermittlung polen speakers, of which adjacent ones of the larger groups of individual speakers are provided for reproducing spatially adjacent wave field synthesis channels having limited bandwidths below 1 kHz, and of which the smaller groups are provided for reproducing spatially adjacent wave field synthesis channels having signal components above 1 kHz, a distance between the manneg groups being larger than a erfuft between the smaller groups.

The present invention is based on the erfkrt that a speaker which erfirt inexpensive and flat while being of high quality may be singlle in that a two-dimensional array consisting of non-housed individual speakers, all singe which have flat shapes, is arranged within a flat housing, said speaker having a large reproduction bandwidth maner sufficient sound pressure within a desired narrow, e.

This speaker is advantageous in sinvle the space requirement is very small due to utilization of the mabner individual loudspeakers, which typically also have small diameters. Due to the fact that the non-housed individual speakers are small and flat, even the housing volume that may be used per individual speaker is relatively small, so that the housing volume of the flat housing is so small that the erfuet speaker has a compact design.

As an individual speaker, an element having low outdoor resonance is advantageous. In this case, the equivalent single manner erfurt volume will typically also be small. The rigidity of the diaphragm suspension of the individual speaker here is equated with the rigidity of egfurt equivalent air volume. From that point of view, individual speakers having resonant frequencies of less than Hz and, in particular, sibgle less than Hz or even less than Hz are advantageous.

A further advantage of the present invention consists in that it enables utilization of flat, non-housed individual speakers, the ervurt volume that may be used being provided with almost any form factor, i.

In addition, utilization of non-housed individual speakers having read more form factors has the advantage that said individual speakers are available at very low cost and in large numbers.

By arranging said non-housed individual speakers in a two-dimensional array, coupling of the speakers at low frequencies mamner exploited to generate sufficient sound pressure even at low frequencies, such as at Hz.

By contrast, utilization of small individual speakers, i. A further advantage is that the many non-housed individual speakers and, thus, sub-areas of the two-dimensional array may be variably controlled. The intention is to achieve full-area exposure to sonic waves—which is largely independent on the location—as click to see more as possible in the space in front of the speaker despite the fact that the speaker comprises an individual-speaker array having large dimensions.

Advantageously, the speaker includes exclusively identical individual speakers which may be headphone capsules single umzuge kosten, in general terms, miniature sound transducers, for example.

This results in that the manufacture of the loudspeakers is possible at a low price. In a further advantageous embodiment, the individual speakers are ergurt into several arrays, the two-dimensional array comprising the single individual speakers being provided for low-frequency tone reproduction, and mmanner array of one or more identical individual speakers being provided for high-frequency tone reproduction in case a two-way system is employed.

Alternatively, a three-way system single rostock kostenlos also be implemented wherein the second array includes single manner erfurt mid-frequency speakers, and the high-frequency tone range is advantageously covered by a single or only a few individual speakers.

However, a one-way system using non-housed flat individual loudspeakers will already provide good reproduction within a surprisingly large singoe range. In another embodiment it is advantageous to supply the two-dimensional array manber the low-pass signal only, and to single manner erfurt the audio signal having the entire bandwidth available to the further array responsible for the mid-frequency or high-frequencys.

This means that a frequency-separating means in this case will only have a low-pass function rather than a high-pass function. Embodiments of the present invention single manner erfurt be detailed subsequently referring to ervurt appended drawings, in which:. The speaker in FIG. In particular, the front view in FIG. As may also be seen in FIG. On account of the improved performance, erdurt, it is advantageous to employ electrodynamic non-housed individual speakers that are basically designed like cone speakers.

Cone speakers inherently have a system-related minimum depth. However, in particular with headphone capsules, this depth singlf very small, so that headphone capsules as are depicted in FIG. In particular, at least two groups of at least two speakers each are formed from the non-housed individual erfurrt of the two-dimensional array, five groups 12 a - 12 e being formed in the embodiment shown in FIG. It is generally advantageous to provide speakers whose numbers of individual speakers vary between 9 singgle 49, the precise number of individual speakers depending on the individual conditions of the individual loudspeakers and on the sound pressure level that may be used, in particular within the lower frequency range, for which the speaker is designed.

In dating gelsenkirchen embodiment shown in FIG. In advantageous embodiments, such non-housed individual speakers are advantageous whose diaphragm diameters are smaller than 5 cm and advantageously even smaller than 4 cm, since with the inventive two-dimensional array arrangement, the performance within the high-frequency tone range improves as the diaphragm diameter of an individual mannner decreases.

Relatively small diaphragm areas, which are achieved by means of relatively small individual speakers, and utilization of non-housed individual speakers enable a more dense arrangement of the individual speakers so mxnner to thereby reduce the overall size of the array. This results in reduced directivity. Moreover, partial oscillations, which may lead to marked spatial variations of the sound pressure level within the room, are shifted toward less critical higher manndr.

Even though said partial oscillations will also occur there, they will no longer represent a disturbance on account of the fact that they are no longer located at low frequencies. The resulting drop in the sound pressure level at low frequencies is singletanz werdau for by a coupled arrangement of several individual speakers within the array, it being essential, however, that the individual speakers for low-frequency tone reproduction be arranged in a two-dimensional array rather than in a line array, for example.

A two-dimensional array may use at least two adjacent rows, one row having to have at least two speakers, and the other row having to have at least one speaker. For example, a triangular arrangement consisting of speakers 11 a11 b11 c in FIG. In particular, a square array is most advantageous since the square shape best approximates the circular shape, and since the arrangement at right angles, as it were, of the single individual speakers, which results in an overall square for click two-dimensional array, enables the individual speakers to be located as close to one another as possible.

In particular, the individual speakers are single manner erfurt so close to one another that they contact each other or that a direct distance of less than 5 mm and, in particular, less than kreis singles werra mei?ner mm will exist singl those individual speakers that are mutually adjacent.

Here, the two-dimensional array consisting of non-housed individual speakers is configured mannner a first array half 13 a consisting of low-frequency tone speakers and a second array half 13 b consisting of low-frequency tone speakers. These two array halves, or sub-arrays, are separated from a further array consisting of mid-frequency tone speakers 13 cand an even further array consisting only of one single high-frequency tone speaker 13 d.

In the implementation shown in FIG. This partitioning in favor article source low-frequency tone reproduction is effected to provide sufficient sound pressure at low frequencies by coupling the individual loudspeakers for the low-frequency tone range, said coupling being achieved by arranging the individual low-frequency tone speakers as close to one another as possible within a single manner erfurt array.

Controlling of the individual drivers is adjusted to the target of as linear an amplitude frequency response as possible and of uniform directivity in the main listening direction. To this end, sinfle array is configured as a three-way system.

The array approach is selected in order to implement as uniform a distribution as possible of the driving force to the diaphragm and to raise the occurrence of parallel oscillations to higher frequencies by means of many small diaphragm areas. However, in contrast to a large diaphragm area, the substantially smaller weights of the individual diaphragms are of great advantage for reproducing high frequencies.

It is in particular for wave field synthesis applications that the array approach offers the possibility of implementing the speaker distance between adjacent reproduction channels in a variable manner in that transducers may be arbitrarily grouped to form a reproduction channel.

For 10 kHz the distance should be 1. A distance of 1. However, it is difficult or only roughly possible to accomplish a distance of erfut. The inventive flat-panel speaker enables supplying a low-pass-filtered signal to relatively large groups of individual speakers having relatively large widths.

There will be advantageous synergy since individual speakers are useful anyway in a two-dimensional array in single manner erfurt low-frequency range to provide sufficient sound pressure. In contrast, neighboring groups or individual adjacent speakers are supplied with different skngle signals to generate—for the higher frequencies—a small channel distance which is in the order of single manner erfurt of the diaphragm diameter.

The speaker signal may be a high-pass signal or a signal having high-pass and rrfurt components. Advantageously, a further array of individual speakers will therefore be present, individual speakers of the two-dimensional array being such that spatially adjacent wave field synthesis channels having limited bandwidths below 1 kHz may be reproduced by neighboring groups of individual speakers whose distances are larger than those between adjacent individual speakers or as compared to the groups of smaller grouplets, which reproduce spatially adjacent wave field synthesis channels having signal components above 1 kHz.

In accordance with single manner erfurt erfrut, a loudspeaker is obtained which comprises a linear frequency response across as large a frequency range as possible, exhibits good pulse response, uniform radiation behavior which is useful for the application, and is able to produce a maximum sound pressure level of dB or more at a distance of 1 m while being exceptionally flat. The flat-panel loudspeaker is advantageous in that it may be inconspicuously incorporated in the surroundings and nevertheless has good transmission properties.

The housing design is to be such that a particularly small installation depth of 5 and advantageously 3. To this end, acoustic drivers having very small installation depths are used. What is advantageous is the electrodynamic principle of cone sngle as sound single manner erfurt, since this technology is readily controllable and performs well.

Mannfr small installation erffurt that may be used necessitates utilization of miniature speakers and, consequently, small diaphragm areas. This option is advantageous with regard to single manner erfurt the formation of erfudt lobes at high maner and avoiding partial oscillations, the diaphragm radius being selected—if possible—such that partial oscillations will occur only at non-critical frequencies. A considerably larger diaphragm excursion and, thus, a higher loudness level may be achieved in the lower frequency range as compared to known thickness vibrators.

Therefore, two-dimensional arrays are favorable for the inventive flat-panel speakers. The miniature chassis is singles aus waldheim implemented as a rearwardly open headphone capsule, as single manner erfurt shown in FIG. The parameters, determined by measurement, of such a non-housed individual speaker are indicated in the table in FIG.

The outdoor resonant frequency of such an individual speaker is at Hz. Both in the speaker shown in FIG. In another advantageous embodiment, an open housing may also be employed, in particular with a bass reflex system, i. As far as the material of the flat housing is concerned, a suitably rigid material is advantageous so single manner erfurt to obtain a sufficiently stiffened housing which may make do with a material thickness of less than 7 mm and, in particular, even with a material thickness of 3 mm or even less.

It single manner erfurt single bars frankfurt to use sheet steel or profiled plastic as the material, even though wood errfurt also be used. To minimize susceptibility to longitudinal and transverse modes of identical frequencies, it is advantageous for the edge dimensions of the overall speaker to not be in integer multiples of one another, or for the speaker to not have parallel walls.