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Over the years the factory flourished and even a small fire on February 9th could not hinder its progress. Roentgen of course completely ignores these facts and prefers to hold on to his own view of things, including incorrect claims regarding certain distributor additions see 'Comment s ' below. Historical Notes. Unidentified 2 Groups. Markings which include the Designer's Signature. Following the war however the Jaeger business mostly concentrated on the German market, trying to recapture shares it had lost in previous years before the war. Manufacturer Links. Book Errata.


Collect Rosenthal. To assist in trying to identify the year of manufacture of any given item of Rosenthal I have provided information on Rosenthal markings and the year s that those markings are believed to have been in use. Records available sometimes include reference to when a shape or decoration was introduced but rarely identify the point when the shape or decoration was discontinued. Popular shapes were often given a new lease of life when new artists conceived new decoration variations in their own particular style. This information has been researched from various sources but readers must be aware that no guarantee can be given as to its total accuracy. No responsibility can be accepted for the correctness of any conclusions that may have been drawn in providing this information. Home Page. Rosenthal Items for sale. Rosenthal History. Rosenthal Markings. Rosenthal Designers. Rosenthal Patterns. Rosenthal Commissions. Rosenthal Markings To assist in trying to identify the year of manufacture of any given item of Rosenthal I have provided information on Rosenthal markings and the year s that those markings are believed to have been in use.


It should be mentioned that before Thomas actually decided to leave the company he makrtredwitz intensive talks with his new partner Ens to avoid the problems he had encountered during his time with Jaegerwho had a totally different opinion regarding certain mafktredwitz lines. Ens however was not interested in actually taking up dsting active part in running the business as he was more like an investor that also carried a well-known name.

Based on the ideas Thomas introduced, success was nearly instantaneous and the new company quickly caught the attention of the Porzellanfabrik Rosenthal company in Selb. Partner Ens quit out of the company at the end of which enabled the Rosenthal AG to advance to major shareholder in ; since then, the Porzellanfabrik Thomas has been run as an independent subsidiary of Rosenthal. Official records regarding the number of workers employed show a number of for the yeara number that greatly increased until 1, workers but dropped down again before as only workers were registered marktfedwitz that year.

Between and production dating marktredwitz Thomas items was transferred to a new ffr braunschweig named Rosenthal A. After five years of working with ceramics the factory in Marktredwitz was once again fully daging as the Rosenthal group found another use for it. This factory was by now not working efficiently any more, and as the partnervermittlung osterreich test in Marktredwitz had a better infrastructure it was decided to move the factory to Marktredwitz in But the name of datiny great former Silesian enterprise dating marktredwitz discontinued in due to 'organizational daitng and the factory finally closed down even though the brand and trademarks were still kept active until the dating marktredwitz before Rosenthal finally had the trademark registrations for all of the Krister marks erased.

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